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New Zealand born singer, SACHA VEE is known for a voice beyond her years. Channelling a mix between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu this international star on the rise will keep you doing double takes as you try and work out how such a voice can emerge from this friendly kiwi girl from down under. Her majestic sound and quality productions have recently been released by UK music heavyweights BBE Records (J.Dilla, Will.I.Am & Bilal) and her songwriting skills are now sought after for collaborations all over the world (DMP).


The most successful collaboration to date has been with Polish Hip hop legend O.S.T.R, with whom she has three hit singles, 2 x Double Platinum albums and over 20million views on youtube. O.S.T.R. is a strong believer in Sacha's vocal ability, "Mary J Blige is my all time favourite singer, and then I heard Sacha's voice...". Other project highlights have included working with Wantigga "Stonecold", Benny Tones "Chrysalis", K+Lab "Need to Know", State of Mind "Black Raven" & INT (NL) "Love Me Up". In 2012 Sacha made it through to the top 10 finalists of the widely loved talent show The Voice of Holland.


Currently residing between New Zealand & Amsterdam, Sacha's latest body of work, "Rising One” EP (BBE Records, 2015) blends the earthy roots of her background of Jazz & Soul with the raw elements of hip hop & electronic pop. To get the sound she was after she worked with dutch producers Killing Skills and Chef Red and explored areas of her incredible range, playful attitude and engaging fresh lyrical content to deliver us an impressive taste of what will continue to flow for years to come. The first single from the EP "Hey Sugar" reached a wide audience and featured remixes from INT, Mr Bird & Sumsuch.


Sacha's focus is now on her next solo release as well as showcasing her skills, other than singing, in a brand new solo show. The live set up consists of her controlling many musical elements, including drum samples/pads, playing keys and live vocals. 



SUPPORTED - Lefto, Sola Rosa, Alexander Nut, O.S.T.R, Joe Kickass, Hollie Smith, K+Lab, Candy Dulfer 


FEATURING / TRACKS & ALBUMS - Wantigga, O.S.T.R, K+Lab, State of Mind, INT, SKOPE, Jengi Beats, Joe Kickass, Killing Skills, Chef Red, Benny Tones, Pacific Heights, JDubs, Switch Sanchez Nacoa, Blackplanet, Neonlight 


PREVIOUS EVENTS & FESTIVALS - Nothing But Soul (Berlin), 22Tracks Kornuit Session (NL), Wicked Jazz Sounds (NL), New Zealand International Jazz & Blues Festival, Haarlem Jazz Festival (NL), Electric Avenue (NZ), Northern Bass (NZ), Parihaka Worldmusic Festival (NZ), Mission Bay Jazz Festival (NZ), Regular Live performances worldwide solo & Band


AWARDS /ACCOLADES - New Zealand Jazz & Blues Best Vocalist, Finalist in The Voice of Holland (2011)


MUSIC LABELS - BBE Records (UK), Roche Musique (FR), Sweet Soul Records (JP), Asfalt Records (PL), LOOP (NZ)




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