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With over 20 years of experience in various aspects of the music industry Ty Campbell is known  for his expertise in developing new artists, innovative marketing strategies and the breaking of new and established acts into radio, TV and Online media. In the past he worked  for major labels like MCA and independent strongholds like Delicious Vinyl an has been key responsible for the successes of artists like Common, Slum Village,  The Pharcyde and others.

After successfully graduating his bachelor in Sociology, the California born embarked on  a lifelong travel following his passion  for music, the  world of arts and the business attached to these fields.

Following a start as a college marketing manager at Red Ant records he went on to become a A&R/Strategic Development consultant for Atomic Pop Records where he signed Goodvibe Records (Slum Village, JDilla).

In 1998 he was enlisted by MCA/Universal to become national manager of  their promotion & lifestyle marketing division. During this period  MCA was awarded the prestigious  Gavin Magazine's best rap label of the year and  a Grammy for Best Rap Performance, while successfully boosting the careers of artists like The Roots, Talib Kweli, Blackalicious, R&B superstar Mary J. Blige and dancehall artist Shaggy.

Commissioned by Delicious Vinyl after a fruitful  period at MCA, Campbell brought his signature work ethic into the office of the legendary Los Angeles record label Delicious Vinyl, home of Mr. Vegas, The Brand New Heavies, Tone Loc and  The Pharcyde.


Always a visionary  on the look for adventure, he decided  to leave the US and move to Europe where he strongly believes will be the new epicentre of quality soul and electronic music. Operating from his Amsterdam  headquarters,  he joined forces with fledging indie imprint Wicked Wax and  is currently overseeing their most current signing Les Cooles de Ville, a Dutch international experimental jazz hiphop group embodying the sounds of the Native Tongues and Soulquarians.

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