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A true musical chameleon, highly appreciated by worldwide audiences, Leroy Rey is creative & crazy versatile, known for his deep musical knowledge & mixing skills, as well as energetic delivery. 

Born in 1974, he started out DJ-ing in 1992, at 18 years old and by then accumulated a lot of records either thru his father or his uncles, if not local record stores, and ate up albums by Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Third World, The Beatles, Sergio Mendes, The Art Of Noise, A Tribe Called Quest and what have you, thus laying down the foundation for his versatility. 

Later on, Leroy also was one of the founding members of hip hop band The Proov and produced six tracks for their well received debut-album “Traditions” (2000), as well joined as percussion player in the live band it later became, playing high regarded gigs such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Lowlands and many others. 

As the decade moved on, Leroy became a resident DJ for seminal club night "Wicked Jazz Sounds"‘, by now, the longest-running sunday night of Amsterdam (14 years & counting) and also appeared at a lot of clubs & festivals, both domestic as international; what immediately comes to mind is the epic 17-hour set with kindred spirit DJ St. Paul at Lowlands 2005, a fond memory of both.

These days he's still enjoying his residencies, produces tracks and entering his 25th year as a DJ, a connoisseur of simply good music, famously -almost stubbornly-, renown for just doing his thing.

The infamous tale of that good sh*t..... and that other sh*t.

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