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Street language is characterized by the overabundance of new words on the regular. Some of them who maintained to stay , while others disappear sooner than arrived. You think swag would be a word to use in 2050? If one word managed to buck any trend and survive through generations it would be the word 'Cool'. From 50’s jazz cats, to 70’s funkchildren and 90’s hip-hop heads, there will always be a need to apply the word to anything that requires approval or admiration.

Hence Les Cooles De Ville, a wordplay between the classic car Coupe de Ville and the fake French way of saying the coolest of the city. A very appropriate way to describe this Amsterdam based trio with their calm and audacious style and dapper dandy presentation that never seems to be too far away from the cool and jazzy sounds of the Native Tongues, Herbie Hancock,or the Isley Brothers

Les Cooles De Ville consists of members Kofi Anonymous, Rome Le’vant and Omar Reywho are all responsible for vocals, productions and diverse multi instrumentalism. Unlike most of their colleagues this group rarely samples and usually takes care of every part of the songs.

Product of a typical Amsterdam multi-ethnic melting pot, their soulful approach, and clear delivery of songs will appeal to anyone who likes the soulful parts of Kendrick Lamar, the Roots, Leon Bridges or Common. Veterans in the game who performed with people like Pete Philly, Kyteman, Wouter Hamel, Giovanca, Benny Sings and others it’s clear to hear and see, they know the ropes of the game despite the newness of this project.

Part of a new wave of European hiphop artists like Hawk House, IAMNOBODI, Ivan Ave, Juju Rogers, Jay Prince, Quiet Dawn, they prove that when it comes to the legacy of the native tongues or soulquarians it’s not where you from, but where u at!!

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